Adult Programs


Adult Weeks

Beginner & Intermediate
Adult week is for ages 16 and older, held Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Classes meet in the ward room of Deep Creek Yacht Club, Inc., located at 855 Shoreline Drive, Swanton, Maryland 21561. Lessons are taught by U.S. Sailing certified instructors and follow U.S Sailing prescribed safety protocol. Lessons include classroom chalk talks, on-the-water instruction in Flying Scots, and a capsize demonstration. Beginning sailors will learn the points of sail and basic boat handling. More advanced sailors will learn the use of the spinnaker and sailboat racing. Skipper and crew couples, as well as singles, are welcome. You are welcome to bring your own Flying Scot or use one of the boats provided by the sailing school. A single $50 discount will be provided to one of two sailors (if registering as a couple) who provides his or her own Flying Scot. 
All sailors must wear life jackets at all times while they are on or near the water.  

Interested in Racing?

DCSS students who are learning to race or advancing their racing skills are invited to participate in Wednesday evening races; however, regular weekend racing requires membership in Deep Creek Yacht Racing Association (DCYRA). ‚Äč


The physical location of DCSS is different than our mailing address. The sailing school classroom is located on the first floor of Deep Creek Lake Sailing Association (DCLSA) clubhouse.  

Some classes are held at Deep Creek Yacht Club, Inc. (DCYC) Both clubs are located at the southern end of Deep Creek Lake.

Deep Creek Lake Sailing Association
204 Yacht Club Road
Swanton, MD 21561
(301) 387-4159

Deep Creek Yacht Club
855 Shoreline Drive
Swanton, MD 21561
(301) 387-7890